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The Tech Warrior Enterprise is designed to push the limits of promising new systems by allowing companies to demonstrate them in a relevant setting. It offers small businesses the opportunity to embed their technology in an environment that simulates actual field conditions and to receive feedback on their technology from a variety of Air Force stakeholders. Operational Scenarios include combat rescue, disaster response, airbase defense, global integrated ISR, personnel recovery, command and control, agile combat support, special operations, etc.

Each year a growing number of companies participate in Tech Warrior activities designed to assess the flaws in their technology and then return later to test the improvements. Failing is acceptable because it shows what needs to be fixed and provides a pathway to technology maturation.

Tech Warrior OPS events occur quarterly with warfighters and first responders in the training and exercise roles. Small businesses are to ask questions and gather specific data by interviewing the operators of their technology.

Tech Warrior CONNECT is a year-round program that places technology from small business into the hands of potential users, who then conduct offsite evaluations for up to several days. This demonstration environment is tailored to suit individual small business needs.

Participation in the Tech Warrior Enterprise is free for small businesses that qualify. Small businesses with an Air Force research and development contract, especially those involved in the Air Force SBIR / STTR Program, and government program managers are encouraged to participate.

Tech Warrior Enterprise