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21.2B : Rugged Portable Data Acquisition System (PDAS-R)

Bolder Flight Systems’ (BFS) commercial product, Portable Data Acquisition System (PDAS), was developed with the International Test Pilots School (ITPS) and designed for quick integration on aircraft to provide high quality flight data in support vehicle performance, dynamics, and control analysis. However, it was developed for use during in-cabin operating environments and is not built to withstand the elements. BFS proposes to develop a ruggedized version of PDAS, PDAS-R, with increased survivability in harsh environments and improved accuracy and measurement capabilities. PDAS-R will also be field repairable with supplied repair manual. PDAS-R will enable the Air Force to rapidly flight validate new concepts, enabling the utilization of emergent, innovative technologies and battlefield effectiveness maximization. PDAS-R will also be ideally suited for other DoD and commercial test and research organizations, providing a rapid means of collecting high quality flight data, and enabling organizations to move through the instrumentation and test process more quickly.