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21.1A : Scalable Augmented Reality Platform for Training

Now more than ever, digital training, learning, and development programs are pivotal to the success of organizations, yet often inaccessible or unable to reach their intended audience. Augmented Reality (AR) has been shown to increase productivity, attention, motivation, and speed to completion when compared to traditional learning solutions. The BUNDLAR Platform is a no-code AR creation platform allowing anyone to create, edit, and publish AR experiences to any mobile device. The BUNDLAR Platform can be used to augment existing training programs, increasing efficacy, tracking completion status, and providing faster problem resolution than traditional training methods. BUNDLAR uses cutting-edge technology in combination with established tools, frameworks, and best practices to deliver a seamless experience to our clients and end users. Organizations need a ‘no-code’ AR platform to bring mobile, on-demand training solutions to the market in days, not weeks or months. This project will support 1st Air Force’s Human Space Flight Support Detachment 3, adding AR to Contingency Astronaut Rescue training. The AR training produced for this project will be made available prior to the Rescue Force Qualification Course, and will also be utilized for refresher training, pre-mission simulations and coalition force “Just-in-Time Training” for emergency responses.