Short name

21.1A : Backpack Paramotor System (BPS)

D’Angelo Technologies, LLC (D5T) is developing a Backpack Paramotor System to provide the Air Force with a means to remotely and safety provide surveillance and small package resupply. This solution will provide the Air Force and DoD a lower cost vehicle capable of delivering supplies while reducing risks to high cost assets and improving mission success without jeopardizing the safety of airmen.

21.1A : Long Range Powered Parafoil

D5T proposes to bring the insight, technical knowledge, experience, and industry contacts of creating this first of its kind, footlaunched paramotor to a wider DoD audience by developing its foot launched concept concept into a 4-wheeled, tandem sized, paramotor frame that is adaptable to many missions and uses for the DoD, as well as the civilian market.