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21.1A : A Dynamic Pricing Tool that Makes Air Taxis Cheap


DoD is dependent upon on Airlines for “best price,” airfares because charters are UNDER-UTILIZED & therefore OVER- PRICED. Airlines depend on a Hub-and-Spoke architecture to maximize utilization; leaving AF members exposed to Hyper- Spreading and extended travel through hub airports.

SOLUTION: MAKE CHARTERS CHEAPER via increased utilization & Reduce AF’s Exposure to Hyper-spreading at Hub airports... HOW? Empower Charters to bid against Airlines.

CONCEPT/SIGNIFICANCE: EZ Aerospace offers a pricing tool that displays Total Trip Cost Comparisons in DTS, allowing charter air carriers to compete against each other and the airlines for government business... Thereby lowering prices and eliminating the AF’s dependence on airline hub use/exposure; and: INCUBATING A MARKET for eVTOLs and other Dual-Use, Next-Gen Aircraft.

COMMERCIALIZATION: This tool utilizes EXISTING Contracts + Regulations with Strict Compliance, we’ve done our diligence.