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21.1A : Keeping Cool without Fossil Fuel - concentrated solar powered air-conditioning for reduced power consumption in austere operating conditions and at fixed USAF bases

HyperBorean has developed air cooling solutions which operate off-grid and are powered by sources of no-cost heat in lieu of electricity. Sources of heat input for HyperBorean’s systems include concentrated solar and the waste heat generated by internal combustion engines such as diesel engines on electrical generators. This air conditioning equipment is ideal for extreme-condition military applications because it adds resiliency to existing installations, and it reduces the amount of fossil fuel required at forward deployments to provide cooling for the war fighter. This increases troop mobility and military readiness. HyperBorean’s equipment also reduces power consumption at permanent Air Force facilities by providing space cooling powered off-grid from concentrated solar. Off-grid cooling from our technology adds resiliency at bases by operating during power failures. HyperBorean’s primary competitive advantage is that the technology is built around the vapor compression platform which is what is used in most HVAC systems. Existing HVAC technicians, engineers, and servicemen can service and install our units with minimal additional training and spare parts for our system are stocked in existing HVAC supply chains.