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21.1A : Intelligent Air Laser System for Mission Support with Multi-UAVs Equipped with Laser Beams

Immobileyes is teaming with Kent State University to develop a rapidly deployable, AI-powered Multi-UAV team that include a non-lethal Intelligent Air Laser (AIL) System to provide operators a rapid & safe non-lethal technology capable of responding to mission needs. The Intelligent Air Laser (IAL) System uses the MEDUSA multi-beam laser dazzler, a simpler, safer non-lethal weapon that uses hundreds of multicolored moving laser beams to cause visual disruption. The IAL System will understand assistance requests from ground manned units and will autonomously team UAVs to Respond to and Defend against aggressive actions towards warfighters; Hail, Warn, and Suppress enemy personnel and vehicles in missions such as target chasing, area lock-down, air strike etc.; and Navigate ground soldiers for joint missions or rescue.