Short name

Agility Prime (X20.D) : Field-reconfigurable Mission-adaptive UAVs

This STTR project is aimed at developing field-reconfigurable unmanned air vehicles to suit a variety of missions. The goal is a family of UAVs that can be assembled from a kit of standardized parts into multiple configurations in the field, depending on the mission. The development effort includes preliminary aircraft design, where aircraft of different configurations will be sized, and performance predictions will be made. In addition, software tools will be created for configuration selection and vehicle assembly. Finally, preliminary proof-of-concept prototypes will be developed.

Agility Prime (X20.D) : Pulsed High Power Microwave for Non-Kinetic Effects

Aerial vehicles face a variety of threats in the battlespace, many of which can be disrupted, defeated or destroyed by the application of microwave energy. In this 3-month SBIR Phase I effort, we propose a compact, frequency-agile, high power microwave source for deployment on current and future air vehicles, to enable the diversion, denial, disruption and defeat of threats such as drone swarms or radar-guided missiles. The proposed source has its own electrical power source, high efficiency based on regenerative HPM design, and is capable of very high burst repetition rates. Additionally, versions of this technology can be used for wireless power beaming between vehicles in motion and fixed sites.