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21.1A : Dragonfly - Expeditionary Force Dynamic Network

WiscLift presents an emerging disruptive network technology based on Spooky Action's Telelift Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). By providing a stand-alone flying platform, a flexible dynamic network can provide secure and resilient C4I capabilities to operators in the field. WiscLift provides the turn-key customized solution for commercial customer programs in the same manner the Dragonfly program is being presented in this SBIR project. With a strong commercial team and unparalleled depth of experience in expeditionary operations and R&D, WiscLift will tailor technology to directly meet the field requirements of AF end-users. Dragonfly's modular payload will allow for commercially available 4G/5G/LTE, WiFi, DoD specific, and/or emerging network technologies to connect warfighters. Already proven in commercial emergency response and un/underserved locations, Telelift will be developed into an AF product which can serve federal, state, local and private customers across industries. RDT&E efforts will center on integration into AF expeditionary operational requirements, including introduction of an American-made flight control system to replace Telelift prototype's current DJI component. To meet end-user needs, Dragonfly will be demonstrated in deployments as a self-sustained system on a utility trailer, vehicle, mobile command center, and plug-and-play with DoD buildings and infrastructure. Additional upfitment design will include 463L pallet system allowing for an easy inclusion as a USAF UTC deployment kit.