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Know Your Rights: Data Rights and Patents in DoD Contracts


We agree: Data rights and patents can be daunting and lead to a myriad of questions.

  • What is the difference between intellectual property and data rights?
  • When do I mark deliverables to protect my rights? What can DoD do with my SBIR data?
  • When do SBIR data rights change and how?
  • What are my rights in an invention I make while performing on a DoD contract?
  • Does DoD own my invention or have a license to use it?

An understanding of these concepts is essential to maintaining your rights and ownership of intellectual property developed or used in the performance of DoD contracts.

For this collider we are pleased to have two of the Department of the Air Force’s leading experts in data rights and patents who will be breaking these topics down for small business; Dr. Chastity Whitaker, Associate General Counsel (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), Secretary of the Air Force General Council Office (SAF/GCQ), and Stephanie Burris, Chief, Data Rights and Intellectual Property Law and Policy, Office of the Command Counsel, Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC/JAQ).

Key Topic areas discussed:

  • Data rights basics
  • Disclosing restrictions on Government rights to use and share technical data and computer software
  • Marking to protect your rights
  • Commercial Computer Software
  • SBIR data rights
  • Other agreements with the Government

This is a rare opportunity to hear from the experts and ask your questions. Do not miss it. See you on May 30th to Know Your Rights!

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