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Confirmed for Wednesday, July 17, 2024 - Thursday, July 18, 2024
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This event brings together stakeholders in the defense innovation ecosystem (customers and end-users, industry, investors, and academia) to drive product-market fit and solve Airmen and Guardian problems. Discussions over the course of the two days will cover how to radically accelerate the weapon performance update cycle by exploring topics such as innovative modular software pipelines and AI-based decision making.

PROBLEM The time necessary to improve weapon performance is currently on the order of years, and it is difficult to robustly sense-make and exploit potentially copious operational data.


  • Improve weapon predictive performance models over life-cycle.
  • Data-driven hardware upgrades.
  • Accelerate technology insertion via rapid, regular software updates.
  • Increased competition leveraging WOSA/GRA.
  • Enable tailored effects/performance adapted to real-world red capabilities and tactics. (Adapt to unknown unknowns...)
  • Weapon App Store: Modularity of hardware + software and how to actually update these weapons from a software standpoint.
  • Model Updates: Data forensics and excursion analysis to update models/strategies. Automatic tooling to go from operational data to predictive models.

PARTICIPATING GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AFRL/RW (Munitions), AFLCMC/EB (Weapons), Missile Defense Agency, Air Combat Command, OUSD R&E and Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DevCom)

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