Apex: Air Force awards grants to UC, tech partner

The Academic Partnership Engagement Experiment or APEX highlighted a research partnership between the University of Cincinnati and a Pennsylvania company to develop new artificial intelligence algorithms using U.S. Air Force grants.

VISIMO, based...

Posted on Jun 21, 2022

Beavercreek research group helps build up Ohio's tech workforce

A local research and development group in Beavercreek is continuing to pioneer advances in science and technology.

Parallax Advanced Research — formerly associated with Wright State University under the name Wright State Research Institute — is...

Posted on Mar 24, 2022

Networking Your Way to the Right Contact, the Difference Between SBIR and STTR and Raising the Odds of Successful Entrepreneurship

Dr. Kate Gilpin, Director of Discovery and Engagement and Chris Mather, Senior Consultant at Parallax Advanced Research

On this Constellations Podcast, we're going to talk about being an entrepreneur and what tools are available for those unique...

Posted on Feb 2, 2022

Techstars Startup Week Tallahassee spotlights needs, strengths of local entrepreneurship

From the state of real estate in Tallahassee's Black communities to spotlighting young entrepreneurs under 30, Techstars Startup Week Tallahassee has something for everyone.

The weeklong line-up hosted by Domi Station began Monday and continues...

Posted on Nov 9, 2021


Vertx Partners connects innovators to secure federal contracts and collaboration with the Department of Defense 

Morgantown, WV – Vertx Partners, a collaborator with the Dayton, Ohio nonprofit organization Parallax Advanced Research, has launched...

Posted on Oct 26, 2021

#36: Bridging The Gap Between Government, Small Business & Research (feat. Kate Gilpin of Parallax Advanced Research & Steve Flaherty of necoTECH)

Bridging The Gap Between Government, Small Business & Research.

We chat with Kate Gilpin of Parallax Advanced Research & Steve Flaherty of necoTECH to learn more about how Parallax's APEX program is helping build businesses like necoTECH and...

Posted on Oct 19, 2021

Beavercreek nonprofit receives $9.6M to support Air Force technology transition

A Beavercreek nonprofit has received millions of dollars in federal funding to support a U.S. Air Force technology transition in West Virginia and Appalachia.

Posted on Aug 27, 2021

Dayton poised to be at center of next flight revolution

Whether you grew up watching the Jetson’s animated television series or saw the 1990 “Jetsons: The Movie,” you will remember that George Jetson and his family zipped through the air or space in flying cars. At the time, viewers like me thought that...

Posted on Apr 5, 2021

Parallax Advanced Research program helps build Air Force and Space Force Tech Connect, the first Department of the Air Force online innovation idea submission tool

DAYTON, Ohio — In April 2019, the Department of the Air Force launched its Science and Technology 2030 Strategy which lays a path forward for the Department of the Air Force science and technology ecosystem to rapidly develop warfighting capabilities...

Posted on Mar 24, 2021