The Academic Partnership Engagement Experiment (APEX) strives to provide entrepreneurial and academic researchers the best support possible during their pursuit for U.S. Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) / Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) awards. Our goal is to help you build your best team and put your best foot forward. We do this by providing a process navigation service that involves team matchmaking to help locate collaborators when and where needed and by providing SBIR/STTR process navigation and consulting cohorts during solicitation rounds. These services activate upon solicitation pre-release. APEX services are provided free of charge and are not official instruction of the Department of the Air Force. APEX process navigation is offered as guidance, however final decisions are of a client's own discretion. APEX process navigation does not guarantee proposal or solicitation success. 

Please note: The information an end user submits into our Google forms provided below, is anonymized upon submission, organized and then distributed throughout the APEX network which consists of university and small business contacts. As introduction requests come in, APEX will make the connections according to your instructions, and then it is up to the parties involved to decide their fit.

Team Matchmaking Service

If you want to pursue an STTR solicitation and need a required partner or you need a subcontractor with particular talents to fill a gap on an SBIR solicitation, or you want to offer your services as a potential partner or subcontractor:

You will navigate out of this website to a Google Form or sheet to enter or search the Team Matchmaking Service.

Process Navigation Service

If you are planning on submitting an SBIR or STTR proposal in the current round and want to join a process navigation cohort to receive advice on how to navigate the proposal process, and get invited to select APEX briefings:

You will navigate out of this website to a Google Form when you select the "request assistance" button.