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Emerging technology and innovation are rapidly transforming the nature of modern defense. As the U.S. turns to advanced nations like China and Russia as its pacing threats, data-driven, digital capabilities and cyberspace operations will play an essential role in deterring and defending against threats from strategic competitors. Emerging technologies like drones and other autonomous systems and concepts like information and electronic warfare have taken center stage — alongside foundational investments in cybersecurity, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and the wider push to Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2. Simply put: the ability to connect, sense, share information and take action in a rapid manner using advanced technology will be imperative in delivering decision advantage during this decisive time in our nation’s history.

Join influential leaders and innovators at Defense Tech Week, the nation’s premier week-long festival dedicated to technology’s critical role in the future of modern U.S. defense and national security.

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During Defense Tech Week, top uniformed and civilian officials from the military, as well as leaders from academia and the tech community, will come together online and in person to participate in community-driven events featuring interactive discussions, collaboration, and networking opportunities. Join Scoop News Group and thousands of attendees to learn more about new data-driven concepts of operation like JADC2, where the Pentagon is on the journey of adopting AI to transform operations, how the U.S. military is protecting our homeland from adversaries in cyberspace and what it will take from a talent and technology perspective to stay ahead of near-peer competitors like China and Russia.

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